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Accelerate the Adoption of Big Data Technologies

As your enterprise embraces digitalization, you may undertake various strategic initiatives ranging from modernizing the application portfolio to implementing big data and customer experience solutions. Hexaware, the data2digital partner of global enterprises, understands the opportunities and challenges involved. Hexaware’s business intelligence and analytics team has packaged its first-hand experience into solution platforms that make it easier, quicker and more effective to deploy your data and analytics solutions

Analysts report that even as Big Data investments continue to expand, successful adoption is still low. As your enterprise moves from the knowledge gathering phase into pilot and deployment, you are likely to face a number of practical challenges. Some of the top challenges may include determining value, risk and governance of data, a gap between skills and capabilities, and an incomplete integration of Big Data technologies with the existing infrastructure.

Hexaware’s Big Leap helps you overcome these challenges, and elevate your data management and analytics capabilities by successfully adopting Big Data technologies in ways that guarantee rapid value. (Please also check out our Big Data Analytics services and Data Science community web pages to understand how we can help you quickly create and deploy impactful Big Data analytics solutions.)

With Big Leap, you are assured of:

  • Quicker value realization with up to 30% increase in revenue or savings through enhanced insights and decision-making by using:
      • Industry-specific use cases stratified by value and complexity.
      • Data processing utilities that quickly transform raw data and render it ready for analysis
      • Application and domain-specific knowledge base to jumpstart text mining
      • Pre-defined data preparation utilities for outlier detection and correlation
      • Advanced visualizations such as networks, graphs, and heat maps
  • Greater control on data, with up to 5x improvement in agility of the data management platform by using:
      • An up-to-date metadata repository that provides common data definitions and maintains data lineage
      • Audit mechanism that tracks granular information on data creation, modification, and use
  • Easy integration with up to 40% reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership of the data management platform by using:
    • Pre-built connectors and easy- to- use interface to incorporate data from varied sources into Hadoop for quicker analysis
    • Migration utility to diagnose, move and reconcile relational data to Hadoop with a few clicks for rapid, error-free migration
    • Easier integration with existing applications and data warehouse infrastructure through representational state transfer (REST), web service or SQL-based interfaces.

As the competition is getting stiffer day by day, businesses and brands are striving hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. “Customer centricity” has become a way of life while delivering services to end users. Digitization has made it easy and possible for businesses to create ever lasting impression in customers’ minds.

While it may sound facile on high-level, a lot has to be done from the back-end. Enterprises need to realign/enhance their systems, processes, applications to meet strategic and operational goals. This phase of “realignment” may necessitate changes in IT landscape such as replacing legacy systems/applications with new ones, consolidating different applications into a single application etc. In this process, “Data” has to be migrated from source to target system, which is often over-simplified and under-budgeted, thus resulting in failure of projects in meeting the objectives.

So the need of the hour for enterprises is to have a solution that helps in migrating data successfully in an agile and cost-effective way from one platform to another platform, thus enabling businesses to provide better user experience.

Hexaware’s Data Modernization Solution, powered by data management best practices, innovative tools, and state-of-the-art technology helps enterprises to transition smoothly from heterogeneous, legacy systems to high-performance modern platforms.

With Data Modernization solution, you are assured of:

  • Efficacy by saving business users time with automated rules discoverer and prebuilt rules repository
  • Agility by delivering the project outcomes using advanced data transformation features and configurable rules
  • Predictability by providing various dashboards and data insights

Core Services:

Advisory Services

  • Data Migration readiness check
  • Process and Technology recommendation
  • Proof of Concept execution
  • Business case presentation

Conversion Services

  • One time conversion
  • Factory model setup
  • Data Cleansing
  • Infrastructure hosting

Infrastructure Services

  • Shared Services Model
  • Data Profiling / Data Quality services on Hexaware Cloud Platform
  • Supporting Data Modernization offering on Hexaware infrastructure

Our data modernization tools help in automating end-to-end data migration, consolidation, and decentralization process by bringing in efficacy, agility and predictability

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