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Building Customized Analytics Solutions

Hexaware has well defined maturity road maps for each of the domain areas we specialize in. This enables your enterprise to incrementally invest and steadily bolster your analytical capability. Hexaware leverages its deep domain expertise in the areas of Travel and Transportation, Healthcare & Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing & Consumer, and also in building industry specific analytical solutions. Hexaware also offers analytics in some of the common business functions like Human Resources, Financial Reporting and ACRE – Analytics for Corporate Real Estate.

Hexaware has developed offerings in upcoming areas of analytics like video, voice, image and text. We partner with and nurture niche innovative startups to develop competency in upcoming technologies.


Banking and Financial Services

Enterprise Data Management is a long term initiative, as the data management priorities have shifted because of intensified focus on risk. The Dodd-Frank Reform Act and BASEL III, coupled with growing investor demands, are prompting firms to keep better tabs on the transactions and the processes they execute, as well as the counterparties they do business with. This data is fragmented in multiple applications and remain in silos. Firms have to ensure that this data is consistent, accurate, and aggregated quickly for reporting.

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics practice has a strong focus on banking sector and spans the whole spectrum of analytical solutions in Retail Banking Analytics, Consumer Lending, Wholesale Banking, Cards & Payments and Risk Management. We have rich expertise in executing projects in regulatory compliance areas on Basel II, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and Solvency II.
By leveraging our in-depth business and technology expertise in banking domain, we have built different prepackaged analytics packs that can help you jumpstart the analytics implementation and save costs & efforts by 40%. Our key offerings include:

  • Card Analytics
  • Counterparty Risk Analytics
  • Corporate Real Estate Services(CRES) Analytics

Why Hexaware

  • Over 200 projects, including several Fortune 500 global banks.
  • Large resource base of domain and technology experts.
  • Built pre analytics to jumpstart the development

Our extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare industry has helped us design analytical offerings for healthcare (payer and provider) and life sciences customers.

With the ability of new technologies to collect more data than ever before, the healthcare industry too is looking to address challenges using analytics. Hexaware, with its specialized solutions for the healthcare vertical, is well equipped to help clients obtain value from data and compete in the marketplace.

Some our Analytics solutions are:

  • Pharmaceutical Analytics
  • Advanced Payer Analytics
  • Hospital Utilization Analytics
  • Health Fraud Analytics

The insurance industry is facing tough challenges in the form of increasing competition, a demanding customer base, an ageing population, growing regulatory scrutiny, rising healthcare costs, increasing frauds, managing diverse distribution channels, and attracting & retaining customers. To overcome these challenges and gain a strategic advantage, insurance companies need to manage the insureds’ and the claimants’ data across all their product lines, understand the complex hierarchies, and consolidate data from multiple systems to derive meaningful insights on their products, accounts and claims data.

Hexaware’s expertise in providing high-end insurance analytical solutions is based on a sound understanding of the KPIs used to measure the performance of life, general and specialty insurance businesses. Our insurance analytics jumpstart kit covers key metrics and dimensions of channel performance, sales growth, claims processing and underwriting, and helps your managers quickly zero in on operational inefficiencies and remove process bottlenecks

Our Key Offerings

  • iAnalytics: A comprehensive, end-to-end offering to cover the entire gamut of a customer’s lifecycle in the insurance industry
  • iFraud: A dedicated offering to detect frauds in the insurance claims process for auto insurance and workers compensation
  • Customer intimacy and sentiment analytics:An offering to help you gain a 720-degree view of your customer, analyzing both structured and unstructured data

Travel & Transportation

Travel and Transportation industry has been facing various challenges in the recent times. We have seen many parts of this industry change significantly. Issues like price wars, customer loyalty and information availability have never been greater. Safety and security issues are also proving to be a sizeable challenge. The players within this industry have to continually find ways to service customers better and reduce costs through the effective use of information.

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics practice has both business and technology expertise in Travel and Transportation industry, with focus on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Warehouse Management, Cargo Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management.

 Key Analytical Offerings:

  • MRO Analytics: A pre-built analytical pack, addressing various subject areas including Vendor Analysis, Turn-Around Time Analysis, Warranty Loss Analysis, Defect Analysis, Inventory Planning and Safety or Regulatory Compliance
  • MRO inventory optimization analytics: A pre-built analytical package to manage your rotable & consumable inventory
  • Cargo Analytics: A pre-built analytical pack, addressing various subject areas including Capacity Utilization, Route Profitability, Cargo Segmentation and Demand Planning
  • Passenger Analytics: A pre-built analytical pack, addressing various subject areas including Customer Retention Insight, Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value, Predicting Customer Behavior, Mileage Plan Effectiveness and Co-branded Promotion Effectiveness
  • Warehouse Analytics: A pre-built analytical pack, addressing various subject areas including Discrepancy Analysis, Labor Utilization Analysis, Shipment Metric Analysis, Stock Analysis and Big Customers Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analytics: A pre-built analytical pack, addressing various subject areas including Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return across the Supply Chain

Multiple studies have revealed that about 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and includes text, image, video, as well as, audio data. Unstructured information represents the largest, latest and fastest growing source of information available to enterprises. Enthused by the emergence of technology solutions like IBM Watson and Microsoft Cortana, enterprises are keen to embrace multimodal analytics to derive game-changing business insights from unstructured data. Hexaware has been a pioneer in innovating and delivering solutions powered by multimodal analytics.

Text Analytics

Text is arguably the most popular of the unstructured data sources today. Enterprises are betting on text analytics to gain deeper understanding of their customers and to discover knowledge from organizational knowledge bases as well as publicly available data sources.

Voice Analytics

Our voice analytics solutions help you to mine through voice records for hidden insights that deliver improved customer loyalty, enhanced contact center performance and early detection of potential fraud. Our solutions provide the ability to analyze speech in real-time and after call by using best-in-class techniques.

Image Analytics:

Our image analytics services encompass a range of techniques including- Object Recognition, Face Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, Image Classification, Image Clustering, Image Tampering or Morphing Detection.

Hexaware’s image analytics help you –

  • To drastically reduce cycle time of your operational process where image analysis plays a central role, by medical image analysis
  • To reduce risk of claims & fraud by checking for potentially morphed images
  • To improve compliance to regulations by reducing scope for human errors

Video Analytics:

Most enterprises started using video for security and surveillance purposes. However, with the increasing maturity in video analytics, many have begun leveraging video data for business use cases.

Our video analytics services include techniques such as- Motion Detection, Shape and Object Detection, Face Recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Video Tracking.

Hexaware’s video analytics solutions help you –

  • To reduce operational expenditure through identification of wastage as well as shrinkage detection & prevention
  • To improve customer intimacy and targeted marketing through better understanding of customer profile and behaviour
  • To identify and prevent fraud through automatic face recognition and number plate recognition

Machine Data Analytics

The Internet of Things has brought about intelligent and connected devices (Machine2Machine) that sense, transmit and act on data. These devices are always ON and gather as well as transmit data in real-time. Even as organizations are finding innovative ways to leverage the data, the sheer volume and velocity with which the data is generated poses a formidable challenge to store and analyze the same. Furthermore, while machine generated data is of greater quality as compared to data input by humans, integration with enterprise data and transforming the data as required for analytics is an even greater challenge.

Hexaware’s Big Leap framework brings together the best-of-breed technologies and machine data processing accelerators to effectively derive meaningful insights from machine data. The solution ensures that the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse, which is crucial to the daily operations, is augmented ably with Big Data technologies to share the workload of storing and processing high-velocity and volume sensor data. The framework further has accelerators specific to data sets such as weather data and automotive telematics data that reduce data transformation overheads.

Some of the most impactful use cases developed by using the framework include:

  • Stored and processed sensor data from mining equipment. The information generated was used to track equipment utilization, thereby delivering an estimated savings of $ 4 Million / year through optimization of equipment utilization and predictive maintenance
  • Ingested and analyzed health information such as sleep, activity and heart rate data from wearable devices and integrated it with diet, weight, exercise and other enterprise data such as personal details and medical conditions. The solution identified health or wellness patterns, predicted likelihood of a chronic condition and prescribed necessary actions
  • Captured and analyzed automotive telematics data to decipher driving behavior, identify driver characteristics and ascribe risk ratings. The information was also analyzed and used during claims processing for fraud detection

The highly challenging and competitive retail industry faces the challenge of increasing customer expectations, multi-channel business models, as well as constantly changing consumer preferences. To deal with this complex market, retailers need real-time information from the vast amount of data being collected. Employing Retail Analytics solution can help retailers better understand customer buying behavior and reduce operating cost. Hexaware’s Retail Analytics jumpstart kit addresses the key pain points of the industry and also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s existing infrastructure and be up and running in minimal time


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