Snowflake for Next-Gen Cloud Data Analytics

Snowflake for Next-Gen Cloud Data Analytics

We deliver powerful Analytics solutions on Snowflake

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Partner with us for Faster Transformation of Analytics Workloads to Snowflake

Snowflake is a zero maintenance, fully managed, cloud data platform and is one of the most popular choice with enterprises wanting to leverage their data warehousing and analytics needs. It provides a unique architecture for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists and data application developers to collaborate and work on any data without limitations in performance, concurrency or scale, that limits other solutions.

Secure and governed by design, and compatible with popular ETL, BI, and data science tools, Snowflake enables data professionals to support many data warehouse, data lake, data engineering and data science workloads with virtually unlimited concurrency.

Transforming from legacy on-premise technology stack to Snowflake is challenging. Hexaware offers a power packed platform for automating such complex transformations called amaze® for Data & AI.

Why Choose Amaze® for Data & AI for Your Snowflake Transformation?

Amaze® performs a thorough analysis of the current on-premise stack by automating processes like data acquisition, data profiling, identifying data business rules, ETL job code analysis, database schema and reporting structure. Post this assessment and in-depth analysis, a target state architecture is conceptualized.

Rather than a big bang approach, we kick off the transformation process by choosing a slice from the entire pie of the customer’s on-premise ecosystem that is critical to the business users. Once this MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is successful, we perform the complete transformation.

While performing this transformation, we automate the code conversion process to replicate the tables, macros, views and procedures residing on legacy on-premise data warehouses hosted on Oracle DB, SQL Server, Teradata, Exadata, Netezza, etc. into the Snowflake environment.

Derived Benefits of Amaze® for Data & AI in Snowflake Migration

  • Saves time and efforts invested by over 60%
  • Performs this transformation at just 1/3rd of the total cost as compared to manual transformation or any 3rd party tool
  • Data virtualization technique accelerates Snowflake transformation by 2x



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