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Are you stuck in the legacy system?

Infrastructure Management Services has evolved over the generations, from the classical outsourcing model in the 90s to the digital outsourcing model of the present.

The various models of outsourcing are driven by a different set of players. It is not that the older generation players were any less capable of driving the change, but just the fact that they are held back with legacy. This restrains their speed of embracing the new, and the ability to move their existing customers to a different model.

Thus, there will be a new set of players who will lead this gen of outsourcing & Hexaware is very well positioned to be a leader in digital generation of IT outsourcing. Hexaware has designed its service portfolio keeping the business-based value statements at the core, in order to build a client-centric, rather than a provider centric, culture.

Current state of customers can be defined by what we call the Watermelon Effect. From the outside, everything looks fine, everything looks green, but when we go a litter deeper, not everything is in the best scheme of things.

Hexaware recognizes this discontinuity and has found ways to tackle it. Organization-wide initiatives are being taken to create Account Focused teams and acquire deep knowledge of Customer Environment. Bottom-up Innovation is being encouraged for each of the customer, as Hexaware feels the best of ideas can come from the people actually working on ground.

Hexaware believes that in the current world, most customers consume applications that are legacy, custom & COTS or SaaS. Customers continuously are trying to move towards the SaaS model and are becoming the part of slow but irreversible journey of moving from left to right.

IT infrastructure perspective

From an IT infrastructure perspective, the shift from left to right is taking place as the consequence of dramatic change in the way the applications are getting delivered. In the Hybrid Cloud Structure, the run effort, from the hybrid cloud perspective, when you move from left to right, radically declines.

If the customer is completely on SaaS, the IT run effort is next to negligible, relative to the scenario when the same application is on-prem or virtual but discrete, when the effort is 70%, which when moved to an IaaS model, is 10%. And as you move to the right, everything will not become SaaS, so, whatever is remaining on-prem, are you evaluating hyper-converged?

Are you getting the benefit of moving to the right?

Hexaware understands that customers can’t be the part of digital journey if they don’t have the skill sets to succeed in the digital ambition. Customers don’t have the red-shift skills, AWS skills, internally. Hexaware believes in embracing the new-gen skill and disregarding the old-gen skill sets. Hexaware boasts of having the largest delivery pool for Hyperconverged. Our self-cannibalizing philosophy, makes us a suitable Strategic Partner for the enterprises.

So how long do you want to continue to be trapped with the legacy infrastructure?

Let us give some thought to understand the elements of a digital gen customer,

  • Digital gen customers should be at the 10X side of the equation and not the 2X side
  • Digital customer is embracing the model of focusing on experience and outcome and not just consuming IT the normal way
  • Digital gen customer is focused on consuming competencies of future that don’t exist in its environment today

Are you ready to embrace what digital generation has to offer?

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