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Are you keeping your end-users and applications happy?

The role of Infrastructure Management Services in an enterprise is to keep applications and the end-users happy. Is that the role IMS plays in your organization today?

Information Technology is not much about technology, it is more about experience & outcome. And in order to drive experience and outcome, you need to check if IMS is playing the role of keeping applications & end-users happy in your organization.

Hexaware recognizes the fact that a generic service portfolio cannot be used as a template to serve the requirements of its customers. While the actions or processes may be similar for some of the tasks, no other organization has the same clients. And for the portfolio to be relevant, it must be stated in terms that resonate specifically with them.

By keeping end-users happy, Hexaware implies that the individual service configurations should be crafted aligning to the persona-based offerings while designing the portfolio. This is fundamental to drive process efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

We at Hexaware repeatedly ask this question to ourselves- Are we able to support our clients’ clients?

The pain points of the digital users will not be necessarily understood or represented by our traditional interfaces. To exploit the emergence of digital gen phenomenon, Hexaware has crafted offerings that align to the new operational and business priorities of the end-users.

Strategic partners need to closely work with the existing customers so as to pinpoint specific use cases for both new and traditional needs. They are required to propose solutions addressing the need of the new buying centers such as API integration and agility.

Customers want to experience the ease and comfort of the mobile apps. Competitive pressure created by mobile apps is driving similar expectations onto the enterprise software. Standardization benefits can be achieved, by say, subscription-based model that allows the team members to access the updated software, and in cloud, it ensures that all of them are using the same version. This is what keeping applications happy mean.

Hexaware envisages a world where Business users will be able to access all the information they need, at any point of time, anywhere in the world, from any device. Sooner than later, this will become a reality as client expectations and the emerging trends are redefining IT and driving service delivery innovation.

Are you ready to embark on this journey with us?

Enterprises have the need for faster speed to results and greater innovation, as is becoming evident. The need to focus on the Bimodal IT strategies of the clients is clearly identified by Hexaware.

Let us now look at how Hexaware’s Raise IT Platform is enabling the entire theme.

Platform ensures two things, first, driving the experience that keeps both applications & end-users happy, and also through automation, acts as the enabler of 2X to 10X. Raise IT Platform achieves 5X Operational efficiencies, 10X Agility, improved decision making along with richer insights & reporting.

Hexaware’s Raise IT Platform

Is your ability to keep your applications and end-users happy constrained by the lack of digital competencies?

We have the competencies of future- Hyper-converged, AWS, etc. Hexaware believes in embracing the next-gen skill and disregarding the old-gen skill sets. Hexaware boasts of having the largest delivery pool for Hyperconverged. Our self-cannibalizing philosophy, makes us a suitable Strategic Partner for the enterprises.

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