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Are you a 2X or a 10X Customer?

Enterprises, over the last 10 years, have majorly benefitted from the IT prices going down, but their operations saving equation has not been as disruptive as their rest of IT has.

Have you saved enough?

The diagram below shows the general trend of how enterprises save money.

How Enterprises Save Money

Hexaware recognizes this anomaly and the fact that you should be the 10X customer and not the 2X customer in terms of operations savings.

So, are you in the 2X savings world, or are you in the 10X savings world?

The first step towards being the 10X customer is to change the architecture, change the way you consume IT. You have to embrace new technologies, cloud etc. For e.g., drastic reduction in the workforce requirement can be obtained by putting DR on Cloud, by moving to the hyper-converged, and by using VDI.

Imagine the level of resource utilization and cost effectiveness that can be achieved, if the workload of the remaining resources is automated. Automation is a big enabler of user-experience and also driving 10X.

This is the journey Hexaware wants you to follow!

Hexaware believes in inverting the pyramid through Shrink IT. Through elimination of tiered skills, effective cross skilling for multi-dimensional roles & Cannibalization through automation, we aim to completely transform the manner in which IT infrastructure services are being delivered.

Hexaware has kept the below three pillars as the main theme to construct its service offerings:

Service Offerings Three Pillars: Automation, Process Standardisation and High End Experts

Hexaware is moving away from the tiered service delivery model which has been there for almost two decades now. We want our customers to benefit from the kind of automation we are bringing in. Hexaware can be a strategic choice for the customer who understands the relevance of cross skilling and reduction in skill sets through automation.

So, are you there with Hexaware in bringing this change!

Service Offerings:

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