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Modern Product Delivery

Being digital is not an option but a necessity now, and in such a scenario what is it that differentiates the movers and shakers from others?

It is the product management mindset coupled with hyper-productivity, robustness and customer centric releases while working from anywhere that adds to the performance.

To help organizations survive and steer ahead of competition during these turbulent times and beyond, we introduce an intelligent Modern Delivery approach that is architected to help organizations leapfrog digitally, without compromising on efficiency and quality. Along with delivery of features in rapid succession, it is enabled for remote working while ensuring that critical systems and projects are uninterrupted, even in unprecedented times like a pandemic or a natural disaster.

Modern Delivery Ecosystem for Hyper Productivity

This ecosystem strategically integrates often disconnected elements such as BizDevOps, Agile development, Automation and Cloud-native architecture while driving collaboration with focus on frictionless security and identity management for remote working by involving customer at every stage of the development cycle.


Modern Delivery Ecosystem

Why Modern Delivery

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Outcome-based pricing

The outcome-based pricing is based on story points delivered and accepted, wherein execution is carried out through multiple pods and defects identified are fixed without additional charges.

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Agile full stack developer pods

For effective product management with tangible value-additions, full stack developers are equipped with vertical skillsets across cloud platforms, cloud-native development including BizDevOps with the ability to work remotely using Codify Distributed Agile framework.

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BizDevOps automation

The entire software execution is obsessively focused on BizDevOps approach by leveraging the power of automation while ensuring that the security aspects are enveloped around the model right from product ideation, development release and product sustenance.

Our Approach

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Vertical Agile Scaling

Focuses entirely on shifting to a fully connected enterprise that applies agile principles concepts to all its departments.

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Product Management

Transitioning from a project to a product development approach thus embracing product and portfolio management strategies right from the ideation stage.

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Lean Budgeting

Product managers work with business leaders to be able to fund ideas quickly. By releasing a minimally marketable product with a small investment and gauging customer response, the stakeholders can choose the next incremental step without overcommitting to an annual budget or tying up capital, consultants and capacity for a long time period. 

Benefits and Value Proposition
Increased Velocity Delivery Cost Reduction Customer Engagement
Full Stack Development Pods Cloud-native Development/ Re-platforming Product Management Approach
MVP Every 2 Weeks, Daily Fixes Hyper-productivity to Reduce Cost/ Story Point Design Thinking
Environment Automation Outcome-based Delivery & SLAs Continuous End-user Engagement
Agile BizDevOps, TDD, BDD Right Shoring Sharpening Feedback Cycle

Modern Delivery Benefits

To enable a customer-centric and connected enterprise with modern application delivery and digital operating model, Contact Us

Hexaware Named as Rising Star in Agile Development in the ISG Provider Lens™ Next-gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services 2020 U.S. Quadrant Study

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