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    • Are you facing unexpected disruption in your cloud-ready applications?

    • Are you worried about re-architecting applications before moving them to cloud?

    • Is containerizing applications and quickly moving them to cloud a challenge to your cloud journey?

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Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Many a times, you really do not need to re-architect the application when you want to move applications quickly to the cloud. All that’s needed is to containerize the existing monolith and directly move applications to the Cloud. This will quickly realize the benefits of the cloud, while also reducing developmental efforts.

At Hexaware, we help you shift to the Cloud in a manner that’s rapid and minimally intrusive and the type of applications that can be moved to the Cloud are:

  • Applications that are needed to support business-critical applications
    We quickly containerize these key applications with minimal refactoring, deploying them on the Cloud. This ensures that these business-critical applications running in the cloud can continue to function smoothly, without any disruptions.

  • Applications with clearly outlined active releases and delivery velocity improvements
    We containerize the application, with the addition of automation in a DevOps environment. This is followed by the movement to the Cloud.

  • Applications which require enhanced elasticity and infinite scalability
    We re-platform and/or decouple business processes with high-performance needs; the applications are containerized and finally deployed on the Cloud.

Key Customer Benefits

By partnering with us, you can unlock a number of benefits, geared to reinforce your company’s roadmap for the future. These include:

  • Dependency reduction and rapid movement to the desired platform
  • 40% reduction in TCO
  • 50% increase in developer productivity
  • DevOps agility and portability implementation
  • Enhancement of elasticity and scalability

Why Hexaware

At Hexaware, we simplify your cloud migration journey, enabling greater effectiveness, agility and deliver quality using the following accelerators.

Our Accelerators

  • Cloud Lite Consultants

    • ‘Architect level’ cloud consultants certified on Cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.
    • Possess rich, hands-on experience in Cloud design patterns, containers and best practices.
    • Trained in Hexaware’s tools / accelerators.

  • Cloud Component Store

    Components that are developed specifically to a customer’s technical stack, serving two purposes:

    • Indication of the skills of full-stack cloud developers – Customers can see who developed these components along with source code, code quality metrics and live demos.
    • Increased Productivity – Customers can use these components for free with full source code access (each component will save 4-6 weeks of development).

  • Factory Delivery Model

    A field-tested Agile factory delivery model for containerizing applications and deploying them on the cloud.

    • Applications are prioritized and grouped into waves and containerized.
    • Learnings from the execution of a wave are fed into the execution of the next wave resulting in significant process and productivity improvements.

Insights & Success Stories

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