Amaze for Applications
  • Amaze for Applications

    • Worried about high licencing costs and outmaneuvered or overpriced solutions

    • Spending excessively on server licenses and Oracle/DB2 database maintenance

    • Are you suffering causalities due to outdated technology and enduring monoliths affecting your TCOs?

    • Apprehensive about business functionality changes post cloud replatforming?

Amaze - Application Migration to Cloud


Application Replatforming for Cloud Mass Migration

Living in the fast-paced digital era, information technology influences all walks of our lives. Cloud services like replatforming or migrating to cloud native application architectures offer advanced technology, cost savings, scalability and real-time accessibility.

Hexaware’s Unique Automated Application Transformation Platform

Amaze is a highly customizable cloud replatforming product primarily designed for Java and .Net applications. It enables seamless cloud migration of applications running on WebLogic or WebSphere using Oracle or DB2 database. Amaze suite of solutions provides smart cloud upgrades to monolith applications without changing their existing business functionality and utilizing maximum automation to save upon manual efforts.

The exclusive advantages of Amaze application replatforming are as follows:

  • Scalability, increased customer experiences and future ready flexibility
  • Minimal licensing costs
  • Customized and secure environment
  • Real-time changes with negligible impact on day-to-day business
  • New features addition is easy
  • Last but not the least, extremely cost-effective maintenance


These functionalities play a critical role, especially in view of sky-rocketing costs of maintenance and server/databases expenses for WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle or DB2.

Cloud Replatform Now!

Amaze is a customizable cloud replatforming product primarily designed for Java and .Net applications. It performs application transformation to cloud seamlessly, for simple as well as complex applications. While manual efforts can take from 6 to 9 months to replatform an application, Amaze accomplishes the same in just 4 to 6 weeks, thanks to its automation feature that saves on almost 75% of manual efforts. And all of this is done without any changes to your application’s existing business functionality. Also, you can save a lot on licensing costs by cloud replatforming with Amaze.

Intelligent Application Replatforming

Amaze makes application migration to cloud a lot easier with intelligent identification of the code requiring changes. Then it automates the process for a majority of the changes to save on manual efforts. High levels of automation helps cut down on cloud migration time and saves on TCO and implementation costs.

Depicted below is the blueprint of how Amaze works:

Amaze performs legacy application re-platforming

  • Initially an application analysis is performed on the source code to identify the applications that need to be migrated
  • The identified applications are quickly containerized with minimal refactoring and then they are deployed on the cloud environment
  • On completion of deployment an assessment report is generated highlighting the time taken to identify and replatform specific applications
  • This report highlights various technologies used with composition of the application and based on this report, a replatform option is chosen for the legacy application replatforming
  • Finally, the code and design patterns are generated and refactored from a non-cloud-friendly to cloud-friendly design pattern without disturbing the existing business functionality.

Amaze(ing) Benefits of application refactoring and transformation

Amaze is fast, economical and efficient. With high level of automation and customization capabilities, it can deploy web applications on the cloud seamlessly and make your application replatforming journey much simple yet secure and future-proof.

The Amaze value-adds which contribute to its superb functionality are

  • Converting the source code from on-prem design patterns to cloud-friendly design patterns
  • Upgrading the underlying libraries used by the application to make it compatible with Cloud containers or PaaS
  • High scalability with improved application performance
  • All the on-premise functionality of the application will be unchanged and retained after application transformation to cloud too
  • No additional licensing costs are to be borne by the customer

Amaze performs legacy application re-platforming

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