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Migrate to Cloud Seamlessly

There are many benefits and impacts of embracing Cloud, which range beyond mere cost savings. Organizations can look towards utilizing the agility, flexibility and speed of cloud services, in order to gain a genuine competitive edge. However, the key challenge here is to select the most appropriate transformation pathway, as there are several Cloud applications, each with its own characteristics, with respect to processes, technologies, and functionalities.

At Hexaware, we begin the journey to cloud by rationalizing applications in the existing portfolio – identifying the apps that can be moved to the Cloud, upgraded, or sunset. We consult and help you prioritize the apps, decide upon the right path, as well as document business impact and ROI.

Our Approach

We believe there are three paths to Cloud migration

  • Move your applications to the Cloud in a minimally intrusive way
    Containerize the existing application monolith by placing the composite system and all its dependencies in an extremely portable, self-contained cloud environment. This would accelerate moving to the Cloud by significantly reducing refactoring efforts, thereby rapidly realizing benefits.

  • Transform to the Cloud by completely rewriting the application
    Decompose elements of the monolith into microservices, with each performing a single function, while also enhancing extensibility – by placing each microservice in its own container on the Cloud.

  • Architect new modern applications for the Cloud
    Write new applications for the Cloud using 12-factor design principles, containers, DevOps – based on a microservices architecture for improved use and extensibility. The new cloud-native applications can boost developer productivity, optimize time-to-market, and generate greater value.

Welcome to Amaze® for Applications

An enterprise platform for your cloud Journey and an automation-based product suite for application migration to cloud. Now, Replatform to cloud in just a few weeks.

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