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Rapid digitization is drastically shifting the business landscape. Companies are under constant pressure to enhance performance and drive better outcomes in the face of intensifying competition and evolving customer expectations. To retain and grow market share in this dynamic environment, industry leaders are actively adopting cloud computing to effectively manage digital transformation.

Cloud computing offers agility that enables enterprises to transform business models, innovate, accelerate go-to-market capabilities, and ensure uninterrupted service availability. It offers scalability to meet growing business demands at an optimized cost.

Hexaware offers an innovative and comprehensive suite of cloud services that helps organizations leverage cloud computing to improve business process performance and enhance customer experience, while minimizing information risk and cost. Our services help assess, modernize, and integrate application landscapes for cloud environments. We also assist organizations in seamlessly migrating their application portfolio to the cloud.

What we offer

Our cloud services are grouped under four categories to offer comprehensive support to businesses in their cloud journey at every step of the way. Hexaware enables organizations to enhance their infrastructure and applications by introducing automation and utilizing hybrid cloud services.

Hexaware Cloud Services

Cloud Advisory Services

We assess and understand the existing environment to identify apps that can be moved to the cloud. Based on this evaluation, we create a taxonomy of applications and classify them into groups such as retire, replace, remediate, enhance, migrate, consolidate, sustain, and re-platform. We use this to help you:

  • Create the right business case for the cloud
  • Select the right service provider
  • Choose the right migration strategy for each application

SaaS Transformation Services

Using our Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, we offer an end-to-end solution to transform your application landscape. The framework combines all the critical components including metering, multi-tenancy, security, elasticity and self-provisioning to optimize re-engineering efforts, ensure delivery excellence, and offer significant cost benefits.

Cloud Migration Services

We use cloud strategy devised by the cloud advisory services to create a cloud migration plan, design the cloud environment, execute the migration, and also manage the environment. Using our proprietary migration framework, we ensure seamless application migration to the cloud.

Cloud Integration Services

Our cloud integration services employ industry-best practices and frameworks for integrating cloud applications with the on-premise applications to optimize your technology landscape.

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