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Technology advancements are compelling businesses to focus on creating an application portfolio that not only supports business process efficiency but also strengthens relationships with customers. While new applications help enterprises enhance responsiveness and productivity, development of these apps can be quite challenging given the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Organizations need access to robust methodologies, frameworks and tools to effectively manage end-to-end application development lifecycle. Hexaware offers comprehensive application development services for developing custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that seamlessly integrate with any software portfolio.

What we offer

Leveraging our leading-edge frameworks, tools, accelerators and advanced methodologies, enterprises can build innovative customer applications and achieve greater agility and productivity. We offer a range of application development services (as shown in Table 1) to meet diversified business requirements.

Capabilities Solution Accelerator Functionality
Mobile first approach development WorkQuikr Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) to prototype, create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile applications.
Model driven app development AppGen Model-driven architecture (MDA) for various industry standards & frameworks, and web services.
AppStarterKit Pattern-driven software factory that offers a solution structure for different application types, and a component & guidance library to simplify and accelerate the development of layered applications.
Tool-driven app development Hexcelerator Studio Collection of tools, reusable components and platforms that enable multi-layered application development. It also supports the creation of prototypes, code quality definition, and management of the entire application lifecycle.
Framework-driven app assessment, upgrade & migration Portfolio Analysis Tool (PAT) Multidimensional portfolio analysis from a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) perspective. It also enables rationalization of the application portfolio and provides an SOA application roadmap.
Cloud app assessment, migration, development, and multitenant and SaaS enablement Cloud App Assessment Report (CAAR) Report for identification of ‘quick win’ applications that have potential to offer higher returns and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Application Cloud Enabler (ACE) Web-based wizard to seamlessly transfer on-premise web apps to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.
DAOSaaSify Lite Data Access Object (DAO) tool to define the tenancy model and generate multi-tenancy persistence layer classes from any resource model for multi-tenant enabled DB.
App and website development for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) SiteScanQuikr Compatibility scanner for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers to address violations.
Universal Windows apps kit Starter kit and reusable components for UWP app development and migration.

Table 1. Hexaware’s App Development Service Model

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