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Application Support & Maintenance

In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, organizations face the dual challenge of reducing the operational cost of ongoing support for their highly integrated, complex systems while staying relevant and responsive to market demands. Many of the second and third Generation outsourcers have extensively leveraged traditional cost saving levers like labor arbitrage, process optimization & portfolio optimization to reap significant cost benefits. To further taper down operational costs without impacting the quality of service, the industry is turning towards new age solutions & practices. Hexaware has redesigned its core Application Maintenance and Support offering to help our customers focus on delivering digital and innovation strategies, by alleviating their locked-in application maintenance cost. Our application services are customized to meet the needs of today’s nimble enterprises, while being focused on preempting issues and enhancing application stability. Retrofitted with NextGen levers such as platform-based automation, machine learning & artificial intelligence based virtual support teams & business aligned ASM principles, Hexaware’s NextGen ASM provides substantial cost benefits, higher efficiencies and significant boost in customer experience.

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