Unified Hr Systems For Insurance Company

How a leading global insurance company unified its HR systems and achieved 40% reduction in per-employee cost

Worlds Leading Fortune 500 Insurance Giant Transforms With Hr It Takeout

As an organization grows, its business systems and processes become enormously complex. When you have operations in over 130 countries and all these countries have their own disparate systems for HRM, payroll, finance, hiring, talent management, etc., it is very difficult to scale up or to even get simple tasks, such as a HR report, done.

Our customer was in such a situation. The company is a global insurance player with over 17 billion dollars in turnover and operations in over 130 countries, serving commercial, institutional, and individual customers. Having operations in many countries and managing disparate business systems in all of them was making scaleup very difficult for our customer. That’s when Hexaware came into the picture.

We helped the customer transform their HR system with Workday, providing the following key benefits:

  • A single, globally integrated, responsive HR organization
  • Seamlessly obfuscated their view into HR backend operations and helped them focus more on core HR activities
  • Significantly improved HR service delivery systems and provided drastic turnaround times

Through this engagement, Hexaware helped the customer achieve over 40% reduction in per-employee cost.

To learn more about this excellent engagement, please download the success story here.

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