Workday Integration Playbook

Workday Integration Playbook

Successful Workday integration plays a critical role in your HR transformation journey. This vision requires seamless integration of your Workday HCM system, with other key business systems and applications for a connected enterprise. A world-class workday integration requires the right mapping of your target and destination source, right approaches, methods and best practices, to deliver the right results.

Hexaware’s Workday Integration factory has a plethora of Workday Integration use-cases. Out of our workday integration uses case repository, we have discussed the following list of Workday HCM integrations in this playbook:

  • HR Service Management through Workday & Salesforce Integration
  • Mobile based approval system
  • Supplier remittance file simplified
  • Integration with Benefits Vendors

Access this exclusive primer playbook, also view the webinar recording, to unlock the puzzle of Workday integrations.

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