The Maple Leaf Flies High

The Maple Leaf Flies High

A leading North American airline felt the need to reinvent itself and focus on Customer Experience as a prime enabler, for competitive advantage. Their organizational goals included enhanced customer experience, improved profitability in its growing international network, superior operational performance, and better integration with other airlines. To meet these goals, they set out to digitally transform their Passenger Service Systems with Hexaware as their Digital Assurance Partner.

The key objective was to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations leveraging Data and Digital as the new fuel. The Hexaware team approached this program with a “Think Digital” philosophy and delivered the following benefits with its digital assurance solution:

  • More than $1Mn CAD savings by leveraging Hexaware’s IPs and frameworks
  • Reusable digital assets resulted in 35% increased productivity
  • 30% faster time-to-market for any new features
  • 50% faster onboarding of new Airline Employees
  • Migration of approximately 2.5 million PNR, 5 million ETK and 2 million profiles
  • Over 70,000 test cases created and executed
  • Overall, approximately 3000 automated test cases

Discover how Hexaware helped a leading North American airline achieve Digital Assurance of Passenger Service Systems in a challenging timeframe of 24 months.

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