The guide to selecting the right DevOps tools for business agility & optimized ROI

The guide to selecting the right DevOps tools for business agility & optimized ROI

Traditional IT structures don’t scale and often have opposing philosophies, limiting their ability to collaborate. Thus, they are not effective. With evolving technologies, more flexibility is required. DevOps is a culture that gives organizations the ability to respond to ever-changing market needs.

Listed below are a few areas where DevOps score over traditional IT Ops:

  • DevOps-oriented teams spend 21% less time rolling out changes on a weekly basis
  • DevOps-oriented teams spend 33% more time improving infrastructure to avoid failures
  • DevOps-oriented teams require nearly 60% less time per week to handle support cases

This white paper talks about what DevOps is and why it is crucial to select the right DevOps tools. While doing this, we also highlight Gartner’s 3 categories of DevOps tools and ways of selecting the right tool from the plethora of tools available. To help you make an informed decision, we have also listed few parameters which can be considered while selecting the right tool.

Download this white paper to learn about DevOps, its roles and its benefits for your organization.

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