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The Compelling Story of COCO – a Microsoft unified Teams bot in boosting employee experience & productivity

The Compelling Story of COCO – a Microsoft unified Teams bot in boosting employee experience & productivity

One of the key factors impacting employee experience and productivity is the time and effort required to do various tasks like raising service desk tickets, applying for leave, or searching for people in the organization. The proliferation of legacy systems adds to the challenge, as the systems become more complex to navigate, making daily transactions time-consuming and taxing for employees.

Our client is a global IT services organization helping businesses across industries with solutions for automation, cloud migration, and customer experience.  The company employs over 20,000 people worldwide and has nearly $800 million in revenues. The employees were accessing multiple systems like CRM, Service Desk, and HR. Switching between different applications and systems distracted them from their jobs and impacted their productivity. Following up with different departments on the status of approvals and requests was adding to their stress and frustration.

COCO, an AI-powered, Microsoft unified Teams bot developed by Hexaware helped the client to save crucial time in routine transactions while helping to boost employee experience and productivity. It enabled employees to access COCO straight from their Teams app both on desktop and mobile devices. Disparate IT systems and other industry platforms were now unified via its intuitive omnichannel solution. This compelling story demonstrates how COCO made it easier for employees to accomplish daily activities through a single-window interface, leading to greatly improved experience and productivity.

Key benefits:

  • Up to 80% time savings in daily routine transactions
  • Up to 90% time savings for managers who approve requests from their team members
  • Improved accessibility and omnichannel experience with 100% Teams adoption across geographies
To know more about COCO Click Here.

Read this compelling story to know how COCO helped to accelerate the company’s employee productivity and transformation program without having to upgrade its legacy systems.

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