Going Beyond The Regular. Going Agile


Technical Debt: Going Beyond The Regular. Going Agile

In today’s digital world, Technical Debt can prove to be a big barrier to digital transformation, if not managed promptly and adequately. Technical debt comprises of elements that would make it difficult for an enterprise to operate, enhance, maintain, support and extend a software solution. Technical debt can consist of code deficiencies, technical documentation, development environments, third-party tools and development practices, and thus, may make it difficult for teams to undertake code changes. As it might also emerge during a project, organizations and teams must understand the situation in order to select and prioritize refactoring or improvement activities as it is also important to analyze them.

Fortunately, agile practices can become a perfect savior for technical debt reduction, if employed appropriately. Hence, this whitepaper provides an overview of how Agile Best Practices can be employed to reduce technical debt, if not eliminate it in its entirety. It also provides an interesting perspective on using the principle of Kanban for visualizing and quantifying the technical debt. The whitepaper also addresses the best practices, right from automated test first development to DevOps platforms, for building and deploying codes to multiple environments.

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