Super Apps – The New Frontier of Digital Banking

Super Apps – The New Frontier of Digital Banking

The digital banking revolution led by a new breed of banks, also known as the challengers, is disrupting the traditional bank and branch model. The challenger banks do not have branches, reside entirely in the online/digital space, and are driven by mobile-only banking at the core of their strategy. For today’s customers, especially for the millennials and the Gen-Zers, fingertip banking is a way of life. The digital-only banks were born in response to the needs of these customers whose transactions, interactions, and relationships are driven largely in the online world and almost always through a mobile device. More customers today are perpetually connected to their apps and devices.

This has led to the emergence of a single banking app that can do multiple functions and deliver a seamless connected customer experience. With the Internet of Things, banks can collect data and insights into customer transactions from multiple devices and touchpoints like smartphones, tablets, desktops, ATMs, or even swipe card machines to provide them with relevant and personalized services.

This white paper examines the factors driving digital disruption and how banks can design a connected customer experience and super app strategy to stay relevant and grow their customer base.

This white paper covers:

  • Why super apps can become the new frontier of digital banking
  • The six steps to building a successful super app strategy
  • Growing the customer base - a blueprint for digital transformation in banking

This white paper examines why super apps demonstrate great potential in responding to customer needs, protecting the customer base, and growing revenues.

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