Start your Cloud Migration Journey on the Two Intelligent Wheels – Amaze<sup>®</sup> and Azure

Start your Cloud Migration Journey on the Two Intelligent Wheels – Amaze® and Azure

Global enterprises have started to learn living with the COVID-19 pandemic by making structural and functional changes in their operational strategies to stay high in the competition. One of the major strategic shift visible here very boldly is the desire for cloud migration of legacy applications. Application migration to cloud can be implemented in various types and comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, adopting an approach that assures rapid cloud migration along with considerable TCO reduction requires a robust platform in place that can simplify application migration process and leverage maximum automation. While doing this, it should be assured that there is no change in the business functionality of the application post cloud migration.

This whitepaper gives a complete overview of various cloud adoption approaches and the challenges that need to be tackled to gain optimum benefits out of application migration to cloud. It also talks about amaze® for Applications, Hexaware’s proprietary product suite for cloud replatforming, and the advantages of migrating applications to Azure cloud.

Some of the key areas covered include:

  • Cloud adoption and challenges
  • Application assessment and code transformation for cloud migration
  • How amaze® for Applications and Azure cloud can make a difference?

Read this whitepaper to check how cloud migration can optimize benefits of legacy applications and the role of amaze® for Applications and Azure cloud.

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