Saying Hello to a New Customer Service Paradigm in Telecom

Saying Hello to a New Customer Service Paradigm in Telecom

A leading Nordic telecom giant serving 8 million customers was experiencing challenges during the pandemic.

  • Manual processes were making tasks time-consuming and affecting the turnaround time (TAT)
  • More than 190 processes were scattered across various businesses functions with no documentation
  • Inaccurate charges in bills, poor CSAT scores and higher talk times, prolonged payment processing resulting in temporary suspension of services, etc.


To transform the customer engagement in the B2C landscape Hexaware team proactively initiated a business continuity exercise with work from home model of delivery for superior customer payment experience. We helped handle 100% of the volume without interruptions even after experiencing a shift to a different execution approach.

The implementation of 5G technology and smart automation achieved numerous benefits like:

  • Faster invoice generation using bots for reduced AHT of 5 minutes
  • 250% surge in FTE count and of 99.81% accuracy achieved against the benchmark of 95%
  • 4 million customer requests handled successfully in last 4 years
  • Cleared backlog of around 30k orders in less than 4 months of engagement
  • 45% of efficiency enhancement resulting in reduced efforts within 3 months of Go-Live and more

Get practical insights on how automation led implementation of 5G technology, automated invoice processing and enhanced standardization of workflow helped the client gear up for 5G expansion. Read the entire story

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