Reinventing Your Business Intelligence Landscape

Reinventing Your Business Intelligence Landscape


Every business software system has an economic life. This essentially means that a software application exists for a period of time to accomplish its intended business functionality after which it has to be reinvented.

This is a fundamental truth that has to be taken into account when a product is bought or for a system that is developed from scratch. During its useful life, the software system goes through a maturity life-cycle - This can be referred to as the “Value Curve” to establish the fact that the real intention of creating the system is to provide business value. This whitepaper details the following aspects for revitalizing your landscape:

  • The Business Intelligence Value Curve
  • Hexaware’s BI Reinvention Program
  • The Business Intelligence X-Ray
  • BI Profiling Questionnaire
  • Our Proprietary Ten-point Evaluation Framework
  • The Future State – BI Radar

Grab a copy of this whitepaper to know the best ways, methodologies and practices to reinvent your BI landscape.

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