Redefining the Future of Fashion Retail with Extended Reality (XR)

Redefining the Future of Fashion Retail with Extended Reality (XR)

To be relevant has become the new norm in every industry. With the Fashion industry being no exception, here’s how Hexaware has diffused the line between offline and online shopping by introducing digital transformation in fashion retail with a ‘try before you buy’ option from anywhere and anytime.


Have an urgent meeting and want to pick up a dress for the next evening? Seems challenging? What if we say you can do both! Experience our virtual try out offering to leverage one-of-its-kind solution tailored to your specific needs. Augmented reality is redefining fashion and changing the purchasing behavior of customers. With our new offering, we bring the trial rooms right in front of you, wherever you are! Watch our video to understand how-


  • Marrying form, function, design and XR frameworks can create high impact personalized shopping experiences for your customers
  • Smart brands can bridge the gap between offline and online channels with “try before you buy” virtual frameworks
  • Leveraging AR for virtual tours for immersive in-store journeys can encourage footfalls too
  • Creating holistic brand awareness and engagement using social vehicles can help staying connected at all times

The future of fashion retail is here!

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