Plotting a course: Key considerations for selecting the right application migration strategy

Plotting a course: Key considerations for selecting the right application migration strategy

The AMAZING story of how a legacy application raced to the cloud in just 6 weeks

Fears of on-premises systems becoming obsolete and obstructing innovation are speeding up enterprise cloud migration plans across industries.  CIOs are also anxious to exit the trap of recurring licensing costs. The extraordinary growth and success of cloud-native and born-in-the-cloud enterprises have demonstrated that the cloud can empower businesses to accelerate service delivery, unleash innovation, and deliver high performance. However, the migration of on-premises legacy applications is an arduous and highly time-consuming task, pushing CIOs to think twice about their modernization plans.

Our client is a leading secondary mortgage company and a publicly traded firm in North America. The company’s legacy systems were facing obsolescence and were burdened with massive recurring licensing costs. While the benefits of cloud migration were obvious, the CIO needed to be reassured on the possible risks and challenges of the modernization project. His concerns included possible complications and business disruption due to the high interdependency of mission-critical codes and the lack of documentation and subject matter experts. The team was also cynical about timelines as there were more than a million lines of code that needed to be identified, analyzed, and deployed.

AMAZETM, Hexaware’s proprietary solution has been developed specifically to address the cloud migration challenges of legacy applications built on Java or .NET. It uses sophisticated automation technology to not just analyze, but also recommend, refactor, and convert the codes with previously inconceivable speeds. This compelling story demonstrates how AMAZETM deployed automation to achieve true acceleration at every stage for the modernization and migration of the client’s legacy applications.

Key benefits delivered to the client:

  • Rapid cloud migration in just six weeks
  • Reduction in TCO by over 50%
  • Cost of implementation reduced by 50%

Increased development productivity due to macro services and CI/CD automation

Read this compelling story to know how Hexaware’s AMAZE™ is transforming legacy applications to benefit from cloud architecture.

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