Modernizing Airline Cargo technology with re-engineering

Modernizing Airline Cargo technology with re-engineering

All Airline cargo shipments have to go through a maze of paperwork and a big list of “do’s and don’ts in its journey. Behind the scenes too, there is a tedious end-to-end cargo system that manages all transactions across the Order, Forecast, Documentation (airway bill/letters of origin), Warehouse, Tracking, Financials and Accounting functions.

To efficiently manage complex requests, the process needs to be handled by a “Unique” and “Modular” Cargo Management System that can scale with speed and not limit the business’s ability to implement new features and services. As airline ecosystems change and technology needs take a big leap, it is imperative for the business to keep pace to stay ahead of the competition. That’s what our client; a pioneer air transportation technology company with its flagship 40-year-old cargo system realized. Although the system was a favorite among leading Airline Cargo businesses, it was largely legacy and lacked modern functionalities.

With excellent knowledge of running production systems in the cargo business environment and 20+ years exposure of the client’s operational environment, Hexaware stepped in and re-engineered the entire process. The modernization exercise resulted in a new air cargo handling system with exciting new features that overcome the limitations of engaging with legacy system as well as enhanced the overall customer experience.

Key Benefits

  • In-line with IATA initiatives like E-Freight and E-NOTOC
  • Uses the latest IATA XML Messages.
  • Integrated with 3rd party portals, mobile apps, kiosks, scanners, flight operations system, data warehousing tools and revenue management systems.
  • Superior Customer Experience

Download this story to know how Hexaware can partner with you to accelerate your legacy modernization journey.

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