Mobile App Automation Testing for a Leading Wireless Service Provider

Mobile App Automation Testing for a Leading Wireless Service Provider

About the Client

The client is a leading service provider of wireless communication and has the largest nationwide wireless voice and data network in the US market with over 40 million customers and more than $70 billion in annual revenue.

The Business Need

Over 32 enterprises and consumer- based social mobile applications covering more than 1,000 manual test cases had to be tested on multiple devices, which were yet to be released in the market. The mobile applications were quite challenging to maintain because of the constant growth (as more features were added frequently) and repetitive new builds. The execution of the manual test cases was time consuming. The client had to find a way to reduce the testing time, increase the amount of test cases and improve the system’s overall quality without increasing additional testing time.

The Value Add

  • Successful automation of 65% regression test suites leading to faster release and deployments
  • Enhanced test coverage and reduced regression testing time for the applications by 80% per cycle across devices and further saving 30% of effort in script development
  • Significant increase in business’ satisfaction index due to improvement in quality with defect detection efficiency at 99.5%
  • Brand visibility for the client’s products increased as seen from the social media data analytics, owing to faster and high-quality new releases

Grab a copy of this success story to know how we helped a leading service provider of wireless communication with Mobile App Automation Testing to improve their brand visibility.

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