Mining Business Value – Digital transformation for growth, resilience and safety

Mining Business Value – Digital transformation for growth, resilience and safety

The mining industry is driven by responsible productivity and integrated sustainability in operations to ensure safety and health standards. For our client, a pioneering mining major, we sought to deliver technology innovation that would enable optimal productivity, process efficiency and digital transformation for competitive advantage.

Hexaware developed a best in class solution that focused on mine safety and health while boosting productivity and risk management with resiliency and reinforced health and safety. We helped progress from dated legacy systems and accelerated the digital journey by transitioning from Hadoop to the Snowflake Data Cloud. This journey enhanced process efficiencies for real-time monitoring, improved mining analytics and quicker decision making

The digital transformation helped with process efficiencies for truck-monitoring technology like:

  • Automation and autonomous operations to improve efficiency and productivity of haul trucks
  • Achieve minimal Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for quantifying safety performance
  • Optimal utilization of haul trucks and effective maintenance measures for cost optimization and consistent throughput

The key business benefits included

  • ~1.3 Million per annum OPEX reduction
  • 4X increase in improvement of business objects report execution time
  • Increased ETL Data load efficiency by 33.33%
  • 3X times better analytics data load time

Read this compelling story to know how digital transformation in mining industry backed by automation, data science and analytics enhanced process efficiencies and safety for mining operations.

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