Migration to Dynamics 365 F&O achieves greater efficiency for a leading health club chain

Migration to Dynamics 365 F&O achieves greater efficiency for a leading health club chain

A client of ours, who is the world’s leading chain of health club wanted to improve the efficiency of its processes with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O upgrade. Reduction in application server costs and customization in the processes were some other concerns that the client wanted its IT transformation partner to tackle.

As Hexaware was onboarded to take charge of the client’s digital Dynamics 365 F&O transformation, we started by chalking a roadmap to migrate AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 F&O before the premium support of the client’s existing AX 2012 R3 ended, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Customization in the processes was eliminated by 20% as the processes were standardized through standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O solutions. We leveraged our Migration offering to auto-upgrade 80% of the AX custom code base.

Some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O that made a difference for the client are:

  • Upgrade cycle completed in 6 months, faster by 45%
  • Automatic resolution of support tickets
  • Achieved low maintenance cost
  • 30% lower migration cost
  • Improved process efficiency and performance output

To know how Hexaware leveraged its Dynamics 365 F&O Support and Migration offering to help a client transform its processes, read the full case study.

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