Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Migration: The Need to Migrate to Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Migration: The Need to Migrate to Dynamics 365

Organizations are phasing out of legacy applications owing to the lack of functionality and flexibility. They are considering Dynamics 365 on-premise to cloud migration to save costs and realize profits by streamlining processes, encouraging innovation and enhancing security.

Dynamics 365 data migration helps organizations continue their business services, uninterrupted, even in case of adverse events by anticipating, preventing, recovering from, and adapting to these unforeseen events. Transforming your business digitally and establishing meaningful relationships with improved cashflow becomes easy when you choose Dynamics 365 operations data migration, as it has inbuilt ML that automates and simplifies processes and provides meaningful insights.

As a Dynamics 365 customer, you can choose a mix of apps that fit the evolving requirements of your business. Hexaware, as your Dynamics 365 migration partner, can help you choose the right strategy as you decide to move to the cloud from Dynamics AX. With a comprehensive migration and support program, and the best-in-class migration tools, we can effectively carry out your Microsoft Dynamics AX migration with no or minimal disruption to your business.

This white paper serves as a Dynamics 365 migration guide and provides you with a thorough understanding of our migration approach and our post-migration support capabilities.

Why choose Hexaware as your Dynamics 365 migration partner:

  • 50% faster execution of migration
  • Automation of repeatable tasks by almost 30-35%
  • Better quality of migration
  • Reduced cost of migration

To get an idea of how you can increase the efficiency of your data by migrating to Dynamics 365, read our detailed white paper.

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