Hexaware Implements Markit EDM for a Leading Investment Management Firm

Hexaware Implements Markit EDM for a Leading Investment Management Firm

While dealing with investments globally, it is imperative to have a centralized solution that gives an overview and also maintains consistency across various investment divisions. Our client, a leading investment management firm, known for providing multi-manager funds, global indexes and world-class investment management products and services to personal and institutional clients was looking for consolidation and integration of data as it encountered the following business challenges-

  • Siloed data
  • Multiple ODS (Operational Data Store) and warehouses
  • Develop an agile and better data mining and analytics services
  • Accelerating the time-to-market
  • Establish an operating platform for supporting the planned enhancements to operate investment divisions

Read the case study to know how Hexaware implemented EDM (Enterprise Data Management) to manage disparate data through a unified platform. The case study will also give you an insight on the user groups who benefited, the approach Hexaware took, and the key deliverables met to resolve the challenges faced.

Business Benefits:

  • Cost savings of 10,000 USD per month by curtailing the cost of per security request
  • 10% effort reduction of customer data analyst on security matcher inbox activity through transition of some of the specialized tasks to Hexaware Data Operations support team
  • Significant reduction in the execution time (from 3 hours to 1 hour) for a critical feed processing
  • Initiation of daily SLA status report to show RAG status for all the critical downstream data availability and delays

Know how your organization can overcome data redundancy and a siloed approach by implementing EDM that enables collation and management of disparate data on a single-view platform.

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