Front Office, Back Office and IT Transformation for a major European Telecommunications operator

Front Office, Back Office and IT Transformation for a major European Telecommunications operator

A major Swedish telecommunications operator had undergone a significant restructuring that involved merging its operations in the Netherlands with Deutsche Telekom, exiting Kazakhstan, and acquiring Com Hem, the largest cable TV operator in Sweden. The subsequent business challenge was to revise the existing telecom operations model to avoid repetitive tasks that had a negative impact on effort, time and cost. 

The broad focus areas included B2B (Order Management, Invoice and Contract Management and Technical Customer Support), Business (Foretaggsvar, Change of Ownership, Cancellations), Residential (Order Recreation, Customer Requests, Transfers, Change of Agreements, Cancellations and Returns) and Finance (Customer Booking and Reactivations, Invoice and Payments, Investigations and Repayments).

Hexaware’s solution approach focussed on leveraging IPA led automation for streamlining the client’s process. Bots were created for invoice copy requests, network porting, payment verification and confirmation, direct debit registration, ownership change, invoice management and customer support.

Key Business Benefits

  • The benefit of reduction of FTE count (16 FTEs) was passed on to the client
  • Automation eliminated the incidence of errors and led to 100 % accuracy levels
  • Adherence to Standard Operating Procedure ensured consistency in performing tasks

Discover how IPA lead automation led to the elimination of repetitive manual tasks and streamlined operations for process efficiencies.

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