E – Freight Kit – Your Ticket to a Paperless Era

E – Freight Kit – Your Ticket to a Paperless Era

While using traditional air way bills, Forwarders often have to re-enter shipment related information through user based portals, or expend the effort to re-package this information into airline accepted formats, or incur incremental costs to exchange this information. Other challenges also include manual data correction, increased shipment drop-off and pick up times and invoice adjustments.

Hexaware’s E-Kit initiative was launched with the vision of an accurate, paperless and timely electronic information exchange for partners in air cargo supply chain. E-Freight aims to take the paper out of air cargo and to replace it with the exchange of electronic data and message. E-Kit is a fully automated solution and fills the gap as a technology enabler of information exchange across the air freight supply chain.

Key benefits:

  • Forwarders can submit the consignment and shipment manifest data to the airlines directly
  • Fully compliant with the latest IATA standards and guidelines
  • Complete automation with seamless information exchange

Download this brochure to know how Hexaware’s E-Freight Kit can make air cargo processing completely paperless with cost savings.

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