Legacy Transformation To Cloud Native For Airline

Digital Enablement And Legacy Transformation To Cloud Native For A Leading US-Based Airlines

Read this case study to understand how we partnered with one of the leading US-based airlines to guide them on their Cloudification and Digitization journey by leveraging the full benefits of Cloud for enhanced customer experience.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits derived by our solution approach of transforming legacy on-premise monolithic applications to Cloud Native Microservices-based application.

  • 40% reduction in time-to-market for Agile Applications/ Products
  • New generation end-user interaction support with AI & Chatbot
  • Intuitive user interface and a faster way to complete common tasks boosting productivity by 20%

Download this case study to understand how our experience in reverse engineering a large legacy application, rearchitecting and rebuilding it as a Cloud Native Microservices-based application can help with maximum long-term ROI. You will also gain business benefits in terms of maintainability, scalability, extendibility, and agility to quickly meet growing business demands.

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