Contactless Invoice Processing Using Rpa N

Contactless Invoice Processing using RPA for a Global Imaging Company

With tons of invoices to process, the client faced a mammoth task, as paper-heavy activities in Accounting and SCM put brakes on the turnaround time thus limiting the scope for profitability. Hexaware’s flair for bringing change with cognitive automation and improved workflows ensured that invoice processing scaled to high data accuracy with precision and better visibility. Major benefits delivered to the clients were:

  • 90% Straight-Through Invoice Processing levels
  • 56% Manual Effort Saving
  • More than 50% Automation Potential identified
  • 43% Reduction in AHT

Read our case study to know how Hexaware’s RPA intervention was able to automate the Client’s manual intensive processes to deliver an efficient change management.

To know more about our strategic offering Hexaware’s Intelligent Process Automation Service (HiPAS) and used cases, Click here.

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