Hexaware'S Cloud Lite Services

Hexaware's Cloud Lite Services

Cloud Lite

Technology teams within enterprises use Containers to develop and deploy for accelerating their digitization needs. However, containerizing applications can be daunting as the applications could be written in a way which will make the containerization process and the application’s eventual movement to the cloud difficult and tricky.

Hexaware’s Cloud Lite Services containerizes existing on-premise applications and moves them to the cloud to remove dependencies, improve efficiencies, and lower cost, without any architectural change.

Fast-track your cloud application migration journey with our services. Our tools help in:

  • Automating the complete assessment and
  • Remediation and containerization process

Our home-grown factory methodology also helps to quickly containerize applications and deploy them across a range of container-ready platforms.

Download this flyer to understand how we can help you containerize and quickly move your applications to the cloud in a low-risk manner and with minimal changes to the code.

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