Cloud based Digital Banking for a Better Tomorrow

Cloud based Digital Banking for a Better Tomorrow

With banks moving to cloud for digital enablement and competitive advantage, the financial services industry has started making the transition to getting future-ready. Cloud based digital banking has transformed the customer experience and enabled business growth. Though a little late off the blocks, the banking sector is focused on getting its cloud strategy right for maximizing cloud adoption and digital transformation.

The move to the cloud comes with its own set of challenges. Legacy systems modernization, banking cloud security, regulatory compliance and getting cloud-native to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud computing model need to be factored in for getting the bank cloud strategy right. The shift to cloud for banking applications can enable an agile operating model that can reduce time to market and accelerate business value.

Here is a compelling case of how Hexaware’s cloud solution IPs and accelerators helped a leading American secondary mortgage firm achieve winning outcomes on its cloud journey.  Amaze® for Applications, the proprietary cloud replatforming product suite played the prime catalyst in ensuring legacy application replatforming to the cloud with substantial time and cost savings.

Key Business Benefits

  • TCO reduction by over 50%, mainly due to the elimination of WebLogic and containerization
  • Increase in development productivity due to macro-services and CI/CD automation
  • Reduction in the total cost of implementation by over 50% using automation
  • Migrating applications to the public cloud was completed in 6 weeks with amaze® for Applications (the same would have taken 9 months if done manually)

Discover how Hexaware helped a leading secondary mortgage firm achieve 50% TCO reduction on their cloud replatforming journey.

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