Business Collaboration & Api Strategy

Business Collaboration & API Strategy

It is the need of every enterprise to transform business continuously. Watch this webcast to ensure your API strategy is current, and you are on the right journey towards laying a strong foundational platform that can take you to the next level of the enterprise.

After watching this webcast, you will learn the following:

  • What is API strategy?
  • How different is API from Integration?
  • How to use API strategy for business collaboration?
  • What are the 3 key pillars to solve the problem of any enterprise across the world?
  • How to stitch ‘Collaboration’ in the digital world?

You will also get case reference for enabling omnichannel experience.

Watch this webcast now to learn how we can help you align your API strategy with business outcomes.

About the Presenter:

Arnab Sengupta is a seasoned Enterprise Architect & Consulting leader having around 2 decades of experience in IT Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation. Currently leading architecture & solutions for the entire spectrum of application, data & enterprise integration, strategy & transformation.

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