Automate Snowflake Transformation to Reduce TCO by 50%

Automate Snowflake Transformation to Reduce TCO by 50%

Our client, a US-based international mining company and a Fortune 500 enterprise with presence across Asia and Americas, was struggling to manage, store and analyze massive volumes of data on a legacy on-premises data warehouse (DW) hosted on Teradata.

Business and Technical Challenges

  • Existing DW application that sits on Teradata appliance proved very expensive for processing the huge amount of IoT data generated from the haul trucks deployed for their mining business
  • Data streamed from IoT devices moved to the warehouse through batch process that limited the possibility of any real-time analytics
  • Lack of scalability for business demands


Unearthing a Data Solution

We did a thorough questionnaire-based cloud readiness assessment and identified the best fit-for-purpose cloud stack – Snowflake which provides a modern DW and analytics ecosystem. Hexaware proposed moving from Teradata and Hadoop to Snowflake database and introduced streaming data analytics by leveraging Azure Databricks.

We leveraged amaze® for Data & AI platform for automated assessment, conversion, and validation during the Snowflake transformation.

Business Benefits of amaze® for Data & AI in the Snowflake Transformation

  • 70% effort reduction vis-à-vis manual execution
  • 50% reduction in TCO
  • Code analysis report helps in understanding code complexity and planning for manual efforts Overall reduction in environment transformation timelines

To know more about how we automated the Teradata to Snowflake transformation process and reduced TCO by 50% for the large mining company, download the case study.

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