Augmenting Cloud Migration Benefits with Automation for a Leading Secondary Mortgage Firm

Augmenting Cloud Migration Benefits with Automation for a Leading Secondary Mortgage Firm

A major secondary mortgage firm in the US with multi-billion-dollar size wanted to execute application cloud replatforming of its Java-based web application running on WebLogic server. The legacy application was more than a decade old, highly complex, business-critical, and handled critical financial processes. One of the key challenges in this cloud migration journey was the non-availability of key SMEs who had hands-on experience on this application. To make things easy and simple, and perform secure cloud migration in just weeks, we engaged our proprietary legacy application cloud replatforming product suite for enterprise cloud adoption, amaze® for Applications, to automate the assessment, transformation, and build and deployment processes. The application was broken into web front end and service back end. We containerized the application on AWS ECS for optimum cloud performance and almost zero business disruption during and after the migration.

Business benefits

  • Total cost of implementation reduced by 50% due to extreme automation
  • TCO reduction by more than 50% due to containerization, elimination of WebLogic
  • Development productivity improved significantly
  • Application cloud migration was completed in just 6 weeks, thanks to amaze® for Applications (manual efforts would have taken 9 months)

Download this case study to understand how a secondary mortgage firm utilized amaze® for Applications to realize more than 50% reduction in TCO and implementation costs with automation and more.

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