Application Portfolio Cloud Transformation using Amaze<sup>®</sup> for Applications

Application Portfolio Cloud Transformation using Amaze® for Applications

Application cloud transformation of Java and .NET legacy on-premise applications has become vital for better flexibility and faster expansion of business without impacting the end user experience. Such cloud migration initiative can be feasible and economically viable if the transformation is rapid and cost-efficient. Furthermore, it also matters which cloud migration strategy you go for and what are the cloud platforms and database types you use post such migration.

This whitepaper focuses on the key application portfolio cloud transformation strategies like rehosting, rewriting, and replatforming with a drill-down approach on how replatforming enables a balanced approach to migrate legacy Java and .NET applications to the cloud.

Some of the key areas covered in this whitepaper include:

  • Application portfolio cloud transformation challenges
  • Application portfolio cloud transformation strategies
  • Hexaware’s Amaze® for cloud replatforming
  • Amaze® execution steps, proof-points, and key values delivered

Make your cloud journey rapid, secure, and highly cost-efficient by taking informed decisions and accelerate business output by gaining the true benefits of cloud.

Read this whitepaper to know the challenges and strategies for application portfolio cloud transformation and the approach that yields rapid transformation with substantial TCO reduction.

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