Application Portfolio Assessment for Rapid Cloud Migration for a Leading Airlines Firm

Application Portfolio Assessment for Rapid Cloud Migration for a Leading Airlines Firm

Application assessment is the critical part of any cloud migration journey. A systematic assessment gives a clear idea of which applications are currently fit or unfit for cloud migration. It also gives clarity on the possible impact after the application migration to cloud. This case study talks about one such cloud assessment where we thoroughly assessed 200+ applications with heterogeneous technology in a record time by using our proprietary enterprise cloud adoption product suite amaze® for Applications. The client is a leading airlines firm and all these applications were highly critical. Thus, rapid assessment and smooth cloud migration was the key challenge we needed to address while designing our cloud migration strategies.

The case study throws light on the unique challenges that we faced while assessing these applications and the application migration plan that we proposed for superior application modernization without impacting their business functionality after migrating to the cloud.

Projected Business Benefits for the Recommended Roadmap 

  • TCO reduction by over 50%, mainly due to containerization and the elimination of WebSphere (App Server & WebSphere MQ)
  • An increase in development productivity due to macro-services and CI/CD automation
  • Shorter implementation time with minimal risk implementation by using 50% automation

Know how we leveraged amaze® for rapid cloud migration assessment of more than 200+ applications and the recommended cost-effective solution for application modernization.

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