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API-Driven Omnichannel Customer Engagement for a Leading UK-based Insurance Company

Read this case study to understand how Hexaware helped a leading UK-based insurance company deliver a better, lighter and richer customer experience that is consistent across all channels. The client wanted to digitally transform and increase direct customer sales through online channels by improving customer experience significantly. They wanted API-driven agility while also leveraging underlying COTS (Guidewire) to its fullest.

Our solution resulted in:

  • Over 10% increase in online sales through the mobile app
  • Enhanced user experience through omnichannel customer experience
  • Improved reusability
  • Faster response times through real-time notification to agents and customers on their claims processing
  • Ability to provide intelligence around claim, trend, and conversion to sales team and agents

Download this case study to know how Hexaware can help your organization transform digitally while saving cost and time.

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