Anywhere Employee<sup>TM</sup>

Anywhere EmployeeTM

A quick rewind and you can recollect witnessing one of the greatest digital transformations. Yes, the pandemic indeed played the catalyst to tap in the digital flavor that many organizations lacked. When social distancing was a norm and connections had to be built virtually, organizations in the past year realized that they needed to facilitate an environment, which could enable the employee to work from anywhere and anytime, giving rise to a Hybrid work culture.

Read the brochure to know about a survey conducted to understand how the world is reacting to Hybrid work and Hexaware’s comprehensive platform which completes the employee journeys, elevates information and provides actionable outcomes. Know how Hexaware’s OrbitTM platform reimagines employee at the center of the ecosystem by taking a journey approach (Micro, Macro & Nano) from the “Hire to Retire” value-chain. OrbitTM, in a unique way, can be customized as per a client’s needs and can co-exist with their current set of investments in a product-agnostic fashion.

Business Benefits Derived:

  • Seamless employee-employer engagement across multiple channels
  • Integration of New-Age Technology viz. AI, NLP & Predictive analytics that helps gain smarter insights and reduces manual work
  • Provisioning extensibility depending upon the customer context
  • Out-of-the-box components in the OrbitTM platform that can be plugged in seamlessly into the existing ecosystem

Download the brochure to know how Hexaware can assist your organization in amplifying employee-employer engagement and get future-ready.

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