AIM (Analytics in Investment Management) Reporting as Managed Service

AIM (Analytics in Investment Management) Reporting as Managed Service

Relevant information is a vital aspect in decision-making. When this information lags due to various reasons or when received in a diluted form, it can hamper business decisions. Investment management firms face these challenges with increasing operational costs, requirement of complex regulatory requirements, etc. Investment management analytics helps visualize anomalies in business/financial data and provides precise results for better decision-making.

Hexaware, with its deep domain expertise, leverages Enterprise Data Management to provide high-end cloud-based managed services and aids customers with operational and maintenance support. To deliver scalable, flexible and an integrated data model, Hexaware deploys the Analytics for Investment Management (AIM) tool to reduce redundancy, cost and manual workaround with improved time-to-market.

Business benefits with AIM:

  • Product-agnostic analytical tool
  • Hybrid cloud model
  • 360-degree view of portfolio management, trade, performance, risk and sales
  • Predictive and customized model development

Value Adds:

  • 40% faster implementation
  • 50% cost reduction on key components
  • SMAC based technology

Find out how leveraging the AIM tool kit can help your organizations’ decision-making, resulting in improved operations and curtailed expenses.

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