360-Degree view of the business through AIM tool kit for a leading investment bank

360-Degree view of the business through AIM tool kit for a leading investment bank

A disintegrated approach for analyzing large volumes of data is displeasing. The client faced a similar issue where they had to integrate a lot of information from various custodians. To nullify this inconvenience and experience a unified view, they needed an advanced analytics platform which could improve their time-to-market and lead to effort savings.

The client was carrying out all the tasks manually, which was not only time consuming but also increased the risk for errors. Read the case study to know how Hexaware helped the client to digitize their business processes by deploying Hexaware’s AIM data model to amplify their digital future readiness.

Business Benefits

  • Scalable solution design and data model built for consolidation of data
  • Single source of truth
  • More than 50% effort savings due to the AIM tool kit
  • 100% automation for improved efficiency
  • Comprehensive exploration dashboard to generate insights based on multiple measures and dimensions
  • 360-degree analytics for fund and asset management – fund AUM, daily flows, monthly flows, accounting, sales pipeline, ABOR, IBOR reports and fund factsheets

Download the case study to know how Hexaware can help your organization achieve digital efficiency with its scalable data model.

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