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Overview of Our Cloud Infrastructure Security Solution

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the customer & the cloud provider. However, having clear demarcation of responsibilities across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS workloads with robust monitoring and controls, is important to ensure that no aspects of security are left unchecked. With remote work becoming the new reality, identity management & access control become very critical. Securing access interfaces & identities is essential to maximize benefits of the cloud. Zero Trust Architecture is the need of the hour for cloud enterprises.

Hexaware’s cloud infrastructure security solution enables secure cloud access by protecting your digital landscape from security threats while providing continuous monitoring, intelligence and support for improvement and better management of your landscape’s security posture.

Hexaware provides a holistic security solution that covers all aspects of enterprise security – from access and identity to network, app and data.  Built on Azure Stack, modular components of the solution integrate with each other providing the customer with a unified portal for security management.

Cloud Infrastructure Security - Support Services

Hexaware uses Azure-native & non-native tools to stitch together a customized security solution while providing Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and support services. Our comprehensive cloud infrastructure security solution covers:

1. Layered approach to security:

  • Data and application protection
  • Network and perimeter layer protection
  • User and access layer protection
  • Platform layer protection

2.  Cloud compliance management

3.  Cloud security governance & risk management

4.  24*7 intelligent security operations (iSOC), monitoring and support


Hexaware’s iSOC platform provides automated support & management services with up to 70% automation in handling security incidents. The platform also provides monitoring and management solutions with proactive recommendations based on monitored parameters.

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