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Legacy on-premises data warehouses hosted on MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) Appliances like Teradata, Exadata, Netezza are not suitable for catering to your analytics needs. These high cost, high maintenance appliances are neither scalable nor agile. Enterprises are operating them at a maxed-out capacity, with only 15%-20% of the runtime used in analyzing data. Most of their time is spent in managing the data warehouse infrastructure and the actual value derived from the biggest strategic asset, data is minimal.

Re-platform your DW ecosystem by migrating data warehouse to Azure and bring extreme agility in the process of analytics and reporting. Experience limitless scalability, decoupled storage & compute and dedicate 100% of runtime in data analytics.

DW ecosystem migration to cloud can be complex. According to leading analysts, over 50% of DW migration projects fail, go overbudget or run late. With Hexaware’s amaze® for Data & AI, experience data warehouse modernization, migrate data pipelines and data store to Azure data services.





Accelerate DW migration to Azure with us!


  • 50% – 60% reduction in cloud DW and analytics TCO

Through amaze® for Data & AI, securely migrate your entire DW and analytics ecosystem (Data, Pipelines, Visualizations) to Azure data services and achieve massive reductions in TCO.

  • Amaze® reduces migration costs by 60% – 65%

Most third-party cloud DW migration tools available in the market come with a high license cost and do not offer customization. Our solution is a complete modular suite which can be easily customized and is cost effective due to end-to-end automation.

  • Amaze® reduces manual efforts by over 60%

Save manual efforts in code analysis and code conversion process of ETL, DB schema objects and data visuals. Most solutions in the market automate schema and report migration but offer a manual approach for ETL code conversion. Our solution automates ETL code conversion for ADF, Talend and SSIS on Azure.

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