• Azure Migrate and Management

    • Are you looking for an accelerated lift-and-shift solution to cloud?

    • Are you seeking a cost-effective solution for migration to cloud?

    • Are you look for an integrated solution to centrally manage your cloud landscape?

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With changing business demands, organizations are embracing the move to cloud and are looking at optimizing their current cloud infrastructure. They are placing increased focus on agility, cost savings, efficiency, security and scalability.

Hexaware’s amaze® for Infrastructure platform is a natively built, automated and touchless platform that helps discover, assess and migrate in a Lift and Shift approach, fine-tuned for various workloads.



Amaze® for Manage provides automated monitoring and support for the cloud landscape.

  • Automated Assessment & Planning

    • Quick turnaround of assessment in 1 business day
    • Detailed readiness report and sizing plan
    • Extensive automation of upto 85% at the assessment stage

    Improved agility and turnaround time

  • Seamless Migration to Azure

    • Automated migration execution leading to faster movement to cloud through 95% automation
    • Elimination of migration defects and cost savings of upto 30-60%
    • Real-time status of migration & ETA

    Highly secure, reliable, and defect-free migration

  • Automated Cloud Management

    • Unified cloud management platform for automated provisioning & orchestration
    • Single pane of control & visibility
    • Interactive dashboards for monitoring cost & performance

    Next-Gen support for cloud landscape 

Hexaware enables Azure through a migration approach that is built on its Cloud Adoption Framework, leveraging industry best practices for security, compliance, and resilience. It translates the customers’ cloud transformation goals into an actionable plan through a higher level of automation in each step.

Hexaware also provides specialized migration treatment for additional workloads like SAP, Mainframe, Guidewire, and Peoplesoft.

  • SAP on Azure

    Hexaware has a unique approach that analyses customer’s existing landscape complexity, business model and size, and their target architecture.  With market needs not just limited to infrastructure on cloud, our approach considers platform solutions provided by cloud vendors like Microsoft Azure, and leverage them to deliver landscape rationalization and business modernization to customers.

    • Non-Prod Environment Migrations – As the first step towards cloud migration of a phase wise approach, non-prod environment migrations give customers the options to test the deep waters of cloud migration and act as a steppingstone for further cloud transformation.
    • Suite on Hana (SOH) Migration and Implementation – Focuses on customer who are looking at migration to SOH (Suite on Hana) and implementation to mitigate the system performance challenges and enable the base platform for S4 transformation covering DB Structure corrections, code corrections, system tuning, performance testing and operation.
    • Technical Migration – This is offered for customers who are planning to move to S4 Hana. It includes migration to S4 HANA, and movement to Azure cloud covering SAP version upgrade, code remediations, data conversions, integration, regression and performance testing.
    • Business Transformation – Business Transformation service is predominantly for converting the existing landscape to S4 or S4 greenfield implementation covering functionality and fitment analysis, performing technical conversions, enabling new functionalities using S4, functional configuration corrections and customizations, DB structure and code corrections, data migration, integration, regression and performance testing.

  • PeopleSoft on Azure

    To help you transition to cloud and leverage its comprehensive benefits, Hexaware’s PeopleSoft on Azure Solution is designed for accelerating your digital transformation journey making use of automated frameworks, a strong partnership network, skilled consultants and multiple tools and accelerators. Benefits include:

    • 30% cost savings on a 3-year cycle
    • Scale on demand ASM model
    • Future-ready Auto-Upgrades provided
    • Extensive PeopleSoft experience in helping migrate customers across platforms and databases

  • Mainframe on Azure

    Hexaware’s Mainframe Modernization unique three-stage process will seamlessly migrate you to a future-proofed environment:

    1. Mainframe Assessment

    • Tool Based Portfolio Assessment
    • Automated Dependency Analysis
    • Workload Rationalization
    • Business User Workshops
    • Roadmap Planning


    • Workload Rationalization Report
    • Dependency Analysis Report
    • Roadmap Plan
    • ROM Estimate

    2. Mainframe Rehost

    • Rehost the mainframe on Microfocus Enterprise Server
    • Migrate DB2 data to RDBMS
    • Host VSAM Files on Cosmos DB
    • Migrate Batch Jobs to Azure Batch


    • Achieve 60-80% cost savings
    • Zero impact business as usual to end users
    • Mainframe on-demand scale in scale out environment

    3. Mainframe Replatform

    • Run the mainframe application as native Java or .NET applications
    • Development using native mainframe languages and skills
    • Migrate DB2 data to RDBMS
    • Host VSAM Files on Cosmos DB
    • Migrate Batch Jobs to Azure Batch


    • Achieve 60-80% cost savings
    • Use the power of JVM and .NET Core CLR
    • Mainframe on demand scale in scale out environment

  • Guidewire on Azure

    Adoption of cloud in the insurance industry has been witnessing significant growth in the last few years and transforming the complete enterprise on cloud is gaining more takers.

    Hexaware’s migration platform enables insurers to migrate Guidewire suite of products and other core insurance applications to Azure. Our recommended deployment architecture and tools align to Guidewire SaaS which makes the future transition to Guidewire SaaS easier.

    • Upgrade Guidewire InsuranceSuite to v10.x / ASPEN release:

    Delivers 15 – 20% productivity improvement

    • Database replatforming from Oracle to SQL server or Cloud Native databases:

    Achieve 40% saving in license cost and 30% faster migration using our Database replatforming tool

    • Transition Guidewire suite of products and other Insurance applications to Azure:

    Risk and efforts get reduced by 20 – 30% through our cloud readiness assessment platform, reference deployment architecture, scripts to set up virtual machines, landing zone, migrate and validate techniques. Functional testing using model based and behavior driven testing approach.

    • Optimization:

    Tool led application refactoring, rearchitecting, containerization for non-Guidewire applications for optimal results. Redesign existing interfaces and develop new interfaces and functionalities, set up DevOps pipeline for cloud data migration


    • Post-production Support:

    AI/ML led Core Ops, Sec Ops and Life Cycle Ops to prevent incidents, enable self-healing and deliver self-service where first two are not possible. Automation in Back-up and DR, Monitoring, Security, Cost optimization, etc. Pre-built service catalog available on ServiceNow. Managed services model with skin in the game to improve Business and IT KPIs

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