Business Applications

Business Applications

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Hexaware’s Microsoft Practice focuses on providing improved Customer Experiences and enabling Enterprises of Future with intelligent Dynamics 365 Business Applications.

We transform your customer, employee and partner journeys, enabling rewarding customer relationships and optimized operations. 

Hexaware is a Microsoft Global Partner and aligned with the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) program. As per IDC 2019 “Hexaware is a good choice for enterprises looking for a customer experience transformation partner with strong focus on cloud delivery and business outcomes”

Hexaware delivers:

  • End to end services from strategy, consulting, implementation, migration upgrade and managed services
  • Define your ideal transformation approach, assist in business case and implementation roadmap.
  • Implementation experience for Dynamics Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Commerce.
  • Extensibility and ease of Integration and automation using the PowerApps Platform.
  • Build industry focused accelerators for quick implementation for Digital insurance, Digital Student, Digital healthcare, Digital banking
  • Implement strategic and actionable insights from your data, enable proactive and predictive services for your customers.

Our Service Offerings

  • Digital Sales Enablement

    Hexaware’s Digital Sales Engagement automates the demand generation to contracting leveraging integrated Configure/Price/Quote platforms supporting subscription revenue management. It also enhances sales efficiency with Account planning, 360-degree view of Customer and sales insights. With Subscription based model, clients can see substantial and sustained growth as well as higher revenues and customer lifetime values.

    Why Customers use this offering?

    • Sell growing, complex or configurable service catalog
    • Sell Faster (Deliver revenue in less time, reduce waste time, build momentum)
    • Enable Services based on Real-time response to Dynamic market changes
    • Protect and maximize margins on sales
    • Enable Guided Selling, Cross-sell Up-sell of Services.

    With Subscription based model, clients can see substantial and sustained growth as well as higher revenues and customer lifetime values. It lowers the barrier to entry for services and allow more customers to subscribe. This model requires dynamics product and pricing configurations and quick generation of quote matching customers segment as well as his requirements.

    Clients typically experience an increase in Sales Productivity by 45% with accurate quotation and digital signature, improvement in product/pricing accuracy by 90% and it enables them to deliver superior customer experiences.

    Benefits Delivered –

    • 5% higher win rates, 35% large deals (connection with decision makers), 34% more opportunities sourced, 61% more influenced revenue
    • 35% faster time to quote, 40% faster deal closure, 30% increase in win rate
    • Enhance Monthly Recurring Revenue by 40% by attracting more customers
    • Increase in customer loyalty by 52%

  • Predictable Commerce

    Hexaware offers Predict – a Digital Twin platform for business operations transformation. The platform is used by global organizations to Simulate, Optimize and Synchronize their business, identify new patterns, sense demand and react to business contingencies in real time. Hexaware fuels Microsoft’s information backbone of organizations with greater demand insight. Insights delivered through high performance & reliable computing, seamless integrations and advanced process optimizations. Hexaware’s Predict facilitates retailers with continuous Financial & Merchandise planning pre-Season, mid-season and in-season. It defines & generates optimal assortment plans to achieve expected revenue and margin.

    Hexaware presents Predict as a 3-component offering:

    • Demand Planning – A web-based analytical tool to study forecast scenarios across entire product and location hierarchies for different time horizons. Understand the effects of driving new demand or upselling current demand with variable adjustments like price, promotions and events. Collaborate and approve demand plans to production, purchasing and inventory departments.
    • ReFine (Retail Financial Merchandise & Assortment Planning) – Predict ReFine delivers an innovative approach to Financial, Merchandise and Assortment planning using AI/ML technologies to assist in granular product-location-price point level planning, supporting executives with model-generated numbers that can pre-fill planning grids to start the process.
    • Wholesale Order Management – A comprehensive platform that delivers ecommerce type order management capability to wholesale relationship managers. The solution allows customers to look at product description and images online, place orders in a basket and nurture the basket to commitments.

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  • Field360

    In the world that inches towards digitization every second, customers prioritize enabling technicians with digital tools, providing a seamless experience and reducing operational cost in a field service environment. Hexaware’s Field360 offering builds up on D365 Field Service to provide enhanced quality of field services by digitizing operations and integrating discrete systems. Customers experience an improvement in key metrics such as first-time fix rate, equipment uptime and asset performance. Our customers typically experience an increase in asset uptime of 15%, technician productivity by 25% and customer satisfaction by 20%.

    Field360 consists of a maturity assessment for upgrade recommendations, empowering field technicians through self-service applications, immersive touchless experiences and creating intelligent assets which enables constant monitoring to preempt failures. Hexaware’s Field360 offering is focused on building capabilities for technician enablement and asset intelligence which will complement D365 Field Service suite in offering a complete solution stack for manufacturing customers of different maturity profiles.

    What does Field 360 offering deliver for you:

    • Field service technician enablement through digital services generates first time right, mean time to repair, customer satisfaction, and revenue
    • Remote diagnosis and resolution of issues will drive down equipment downtime and time between failures
    • Improve end customer satisfaction through better fix rates and improved touch points
    • Achieve significant improvement in asset uptimes, field service workforce productivity and hence enhance profitable field service operations

    Hexaware’s Field360 offering complements D365 Field Service suite in offering a complete solution stack for manufacturing customers of different maturity profiles. We help enable seamless onsite services to customers by empowering field technicians and asset intelligence.

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  • Citizen App Development using Power Platform

    With organizations facing challenges with the legacy applications and moving towards digitization, the quest to leverage Citizen App Development platforms to scale up and speed up their app development process has been increasing multi-folds. According to an estimation, 500 million new apps will be built in the next 5 years – more than all apps built in the last 40 years!

    Hexaware brings the Citizen App Development Offering for enterprise-class solutions and add-on tools using Power Platform. We offer to design, develop and support Power Platform solutions to modernize and extend legacy apps via rapid delivery of cross platform, cross device ready business applications & tools. This also brings in enhancement in automation and efficiency of customer-facing functions. Hexaware is equipped with frameworks, templates and components library leveraging key capabilities of the Power Platform which reduces customer time to market. 

    Our Power Launch Framework helps customers get started on Power Platform. Our focus is to Enable the services and configuration, Elevate their reach by making business data available, and Execute development of applications and data transformation. Hexaware has proven experience to enable citizen development and associated security and governance, as well as, to modernize legacy business application using Power Platform.

    Benefits delivered by Citizen App Development framework –

    • 74% Reduction in Cost & Effort to develop
    • 38% Less Maintenance and Support
    • Improved Efficiencies via automated processes
    • Enterprise grade security and compliance

    Hexaware helps you get started within 4 weeks!

    • Leverage Hexaware’s Power Launch Kit to transform the business applications
    • Co-create your first 3 apps with Power App Architects from Hexaware to nurture the Power Apps community in your organization

  • Dynamics Migration & Support

    As more and more applications move towards being provided “as a service” and run in the cloud, the need for migration to Dynamics 365 becomes critical, while migrating Dynamics 365, configuration and customization to meet the users need is only half the battle. Data migration is key to getting the right head start for users to start using the application. Hexaware’s Dynamics Migration & Support offering offers migration to Dynamics 365 from previous generations of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our comprehensive framework includes a full range of assessment, planning, build, data migration and testing services.

    Hexaware’s offering promises a faster, better and cheaper migration to Dynamics 365 with best in class skilled resources and tools for each stage of the framework. The framework also offers an enhanced user experience with built in integrations with other Microsoft products.

    Why customers choose Hexaware’s Migration Framework:

    • Accelerated Migration – With an approach of automation first, Hexaware helps complete migration in a span of just 4 weeks.
    • Enhanced Quality of Migration – Reduction in customizations in the process flow, thus eliminating the errors and thus making it a repeatable task
    • Reduced cost of Migration – Automation of repeatable tasks that leads to an approximate effort reduction of 30-35% and thus bring down the cost of migration

    Hexaware brings in an Assessment plan for your migration options based on scope, timing, and budget. This Assessment framework helps to assess the requirements of the customer and create the migration plan accordingly. Automation also features as an integral part of assessment to fast-track the strategy phase of migration

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